Flat Work Pricing

Concrete Prices

Basic: $7.50 if gravel or top soil is there- $10.00 per square foot for full excavation of sod topsoil Basic broom finish concrete, plain grey concrete

  • Basic Decorative

Colored and/or Stamped concrete ($10.00-$16.00 per square foot)
What you will get: An eye-catching, economical upgrade to plain gray concrete, enhanced by one coloring method or decorative technique.
Basic stamped concrete (use of an integral color or one color of dry shake hardener)
Basic installations usually include:
One coloring method (integral or surface applied)
Exposed aggregate,

($16.00 to $20.00 per square foot)

What you will get: More elaborate decorative effects incorporating contrasts in color and pattern.
Intermediate stamped concrete (use of two or three colors and maybe a contrasting border)
An economical upgrade compared to plain, gray concrete, you can enhance your concrete driveway for a reasonable cost.
Textured concrete finish, basic border.

($20.00 and up per square foot)

What you will get: The ultimate elaborate concrete surface- an artistic blend of techniques, patterns, and coloring mediums, often incorperating hand applied detailing.
Advanced stamped concrete (may include borders, sawcut designes, and hand applied chemical stain accents)
More elaborate decorative effects allow you to incorporate contrasts and possibly a boarder.